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Manicure & Pedicure

Have you been trying to find a good spa experience? It’s not just a decent place but somewhere there are stylish rooms, fire bath, and steam. Our spa offers both manicure and pedicure services. When it comes to manicure we offer treatment for your arms and hands. Basically, we soak and remove the layer of damaged skin, then add warm paraffin for the purpose of softening the skin. What follows next is a relaxing massage by the warm basalt stones. Everything is done naturally in a hydrated treatment. Pedicure in our spa includes basic soak, exfoliating your skin, pick warm paraffin, moisturizing skin and polishing the nails. We make sure that your feet and legs are moisturized, softed, refreshed and well groomed. It’s always great deal for somebody to choose our spa since we have the ultimate services in the right environment. Make a day with us and enjoy our luxurious experience in our reliable spa and you will love the services offered there.

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